BIG Canvas Art | Original Fine Art | Hand Embellished

Giant Canvas Original Fine Art Canvas Giclees With Ultra-Embellished Brushstrokes To Meet Any Designer’s Budget

From hotel lobbies to restaurants, CEO offices to anywhere a business needs make an impression, large scale canvas original art that makes a statement is an interior designer’s first choice.  Each unique fine art canvas is a Limited Edition, Signed and Certificated by the artist.

Completely Hand embellished brushstrokes by the artist makes this original art virtually indistinguishable from an original.

Ultra Hand Embellished Canvas Limited Edition Fine Art

Upscale hotels use large scale original canvas art in lobbies and other common areas as marque focal points. Many high end restaurants and luxury resorts use big original fine art to distinguish their décor from competitors. Landmark office buildings and premier corporate towers are placing giant art paintings in their conference rooms, reception areas and executive offices. Hospitals and health care companies are also great locations for displaying over sized, original big canvas art.

Many of these corporations will also tend to buy big art canvases for a remodeling project. In these large construction and decorating projects, giant art paintings are used to make a real statement in high profile areas of the building. There is a large demand for unique and original artwork in the commercial market. There is also a growing trend for designers to create an image-driven environment within a space. Examples include using response driven colors, Feng-shui, and room statement large artwork.

An Unmatched Selection of Original Large Scale Fine Art That Can Be Custom Tailored For Any Project and Budget

Hand Embellished Original Brush Stroked Canvas Editions

As fine art giclee printing technologies have exponentially improved over the past few years designers now have a new option for locating large fine art for their commercial projects. Designers are now working directly with artists who offer to completely over-paint by hand, or ultra-brush stroke embellish a fine art giclee print of their existing artwork.

By adding bold texture and brush-stroked details to the contours of the canvas using a clear archival gel medium, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from an original painting- at a fraction of the cost of a commissioned artwork. Many artists offer these uniquely original paintings as certificated, signed and numbered collectable limited editions.

 A Source For Big Canvas Art For Your Next Commercial Building Design Project

Super-sized canvas artwork for hotels, building lobbies, restaurants, executive offices, hospitals, and resorts is now affordable and fast. The graphic below gives an overview of a few options available for giant original canvas art using a single canvas, diptych, triptych, quadtych, or more panels to accomplish your need


Big Canvas Art- An example of how to scale large canvas art using multiple canvases

An example of how to scale big canvas art using multiple canvases

Sample of 9 Panel Canvas Layout

Example of 9 Panel Big Canvas Art Layout Created for the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Hong Kong

 All of the art in our fine art gallery can be up-sized to larger sizes to meet your big art design requirements.

  • Limited Edition Big Canvas Art. Exclusively from Mark Lawrence Gallery
  • Hand textured and brushstoked, ultra embellished fine art canvas giclees
  • All art is signed & numbered by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity

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